Adventure Out

I am a huge advocate for all things outdoors. When I'm looking to explore a new city or find a place to call home, my first step

is to scout out the parks. Living in Jacksonville my whole life, I've discovered some awesome gems locally, but my Georgia

finds are some of my favorites. My fiance and I love  our Florida home, but we need our mountain fix too.

There are some awesome spots throughout Georgia, accessable from North Florida by drives anywhere from 4-8 hours.

All worth it! Great trips for the whole family or a weekend getaway. Below I've listed a few of my favorties

so you can enjoy them too. 

Cloudland Canyon, Georgia

The name of this place says it all! This is by far one of the best state parks in the Florida/Georgia area. The tent sites are roomy, clean, and pretty. If tenting isn't for you, they have cottages available as well. The multitude of hikes here are a variety of distances for any skill level and the scenery is amazing! You will really feel like you are in a cloud-land! This is a great summer trip. In North Georgia it's 70's during the day and optimal night weather. You've got to see it when it's green!

Tallulah Falls, Georgia

This is truly a Georgia gem. Tallulah Falls is a camp site to visit, and a city to see. Aside from the stunning hikes and views, the city has great history. Catch it at the tail end of summer, beginning of fall for perfect weather, fall leaves, and sun still warm enough to take a slide down the NATURAL WATERSLIDE!! That's right. Theres a rock that serves as a natural water slide that you can not miss.